Sauna beginning protocol : These instructions are intended as broad guidelines to follow and NOT a prescription. You must listen to your body and pay attention to the information it gives you. Also, please remember that you should always speak with your primary-care physician before implementing any changes to your health-care regimen.

Begin your first sauna session by setting the temperature to 110°, get in at 98° and leave the door open. Stay in for 10 minutes. (By leaving the door open you will keep the heating elements engaged and working while not allowing the sauna to heat up too fast or too hot.)

  • Assuming you feel good for the next 24 hours, the next day do the same with the door closed.
  • Assuming you feel good for the next 24 hours, add 2 minutes the next day.
  • Assuming you feel good for the next 24 hours, add 2° the next day.
  • Assuming you feel good for the next 24 hours, add 2 minutes the next day.

Alternate each day adding a few minutes and then a few degrees until your sauna session is a setting of 30 minutes climbing to a top temperature of 130°, you will always get in at 98° . It is always best to adjust the time before adjusting temperature.

~ If you feel light headed, nauseous or in any way uncomfortable while using the sauna, or anytime in the following 24 hours, it can be a sign of detoxifying too quickly. If you are in the sauna you should come out immediately and either lower the settings the following day or take the day off. Resume when able at the time and temperature last comfortably used. ~


For your best results you must allow yourself to warm-up with the unit through the varying temperatures until you reach your desired hottest temperature, the temperature you set for the session. Meaning, if you are setting the Sauna at 130° for 30 minutes you still need to get in at 98°. You also need to count this warm up period as part of your 30 minute session!

Please do not forget how important it is to stay hydrated during this healing process! You should drink AT LEAST half your weight in ounces of water EVERY DAY! Meaning, divide your weight by 2 and that is the number of ounces of water needed daily to stay hydrated. It is recommended to avoid both distilled and reverse-osmosis waters during this process as these acidic waters lead to issues of mineral depletion and metabolic acidosis.

It is very important to focus on your minerals! You should be especially mindful of your magnesium intake. Also, concentrate on your calcium and potassium; often called the tri-salts…you can’t live without them! And they are essential to a healthy detoxification. (For a more complete protocol and re-mineralization recommendation please see Detoxify or Die! by Sherry Rogers, MD.)

Again, I urge you to double check this information with your primary health-care practitioner. These are meant as general guidelines that will benefit the majority of us.

Commit 90 days straight and amaze yourself with the changes in your energy, moods, sleep patterns, mental acuity and complexion…just to name a few improvements. Then go to a maintenance protocol, using the sauna every other day for continued balanced health and happy living!

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